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A Clients Story -

“ After three sessions I felt better than I had done in years, and within six weeks I knew I was cured. "

Over the past month I’ve been on holiday, done 10K cycle rides with my children, started a new further education course, rediscovered my love of art, gone out for meals with friends and continued my work as an Early Years teacher.

Nothing quite so remarkable, you might think, except that just three months ago, I had days where I could barely walk, when every muscle in my body ached and I felt dizzy with fatigue.

I was one of the lucky ones I had only twelve months of ME/Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia (the doctors didn’t seem to know exactly what it was). But I’d had years of tonsillitis, and so-called ‘post-viral syndrome’ which would lay me low with flu-like symptoms, often for weeks at a time. By March 2014 I was ill two or three days every week migraines, joint pain, nausea, the glands in my neck so swollen that it hurt to move my head or even chew. My GP was sympathetic, ordering a battery of tests, but everything came back as ‘normal’. Eventually, in September, I was referred to the Chronic Fatigue Clinic at Southend. At my assessment in November I was so racked with pain and exhaustion that I struggled to walk from the car park to the waiting room and my ‘brain fog’ was such that I took half an hour to fill out a questionnaire that should have taken me ten minutes at the most.

I was told that no one knew what caused ME, but that I clearly needed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Graded Exercise Plan. Until these could be offered I was told to rest as much as possible. When I asked how these things would help the answer was ‘We’re not sure, but they have good success rates.’ I left feeling rather dubious that a solution was at hand; a feeling made worse by the fact that two months passed and I still didn’t have an appointment.

Frustrated, I began to research treatments of my own. I went to a nutritionist who told me to stop eating gluten and dairy and who put me on a low-GI diet. I read books and internet articles, took expensive supplements, tried to pace my activities: none of it helped. Some days I’d feel a bit better, but most of the time I was horribly ill. My family life was suffering. I couldn’t go to work. I couldn’t even read a book or meet with friends these things, the specialists at the clinic had said were ‘obviously too taxing.’ Most of my time was spent on the sofa, popping painkillers, crying and feeling terrified I’d end up in a wheelchair.

One day, feeling well enough to sit upright, I Googled ‘ME therapy’. And up popped Mickel Therapy. I watched Dr Mickel’s video describing this ‘talking-based treatment’ and, being a sceptic, dismissed it as bunkum. Then I had a week of near-paralysis it hurt so much to even crook a finger or turn my head and when I forced myself to move I was physically sick with the pain. Recovering from this, I looked up Mickel Therapy again, thought I had nothing to lose (by this point I would have gladly paid almost anything to feel even 10% better) and contacted Gill Gough.

Gill got back to me immediately. Right from the beginning we were on the same wavelength. Having had ME herself, Gill was immensely sympathetic and told me she was convinced that, with a bit of work, Mickel Therapy would give me my life back within just a few sessions. She took me through the programme week by week, patiently explaining everything, providing me with printouts and diagrams and replying to my every question, whether by phone or email, quickly, clearly and always with the reassurance that if I followed the advice given in each session I’d see long-lasting improvements. Best of all, she explained how Mickel Therapy held the answer to why I’d become ill and how I’d never have to reach that state again. After my first session I saw major improvements. After three sessions I felt better than I had done in years, and within six weeks I knew I was cured.

My friends and family can’t believe the change in me. Mickel Therapy is not just a programme for the short-term (although it will make you feel better very, very quickly!) but a set of tools to help people live their lives in a healthy, balanced fashion. I’m more confident in myself, have more energy and am healthier in body and mind than I think I’ve ever been. Gill will say that she’s just done her job, but she not only gave me back my life, she gave my children back their mum and my husband back his wife, and so she’s made all our lives better. There’s no way I can ever thank her enough. Mickel Therapy should be available for everyone suffering from chronic ill health. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s for you, I’d urge you to contact Gill, because I’m convinced it’s the best move I ever made.


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