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A Clients Story -

"Anorexia to Anxiety"

“ I sought help for anxiety,

yet found so much more. "

I contacted Gill after struggling with anxiety for several months. My symptoms had begun as isolated instances of nervousness, but over time progressed to a point where I was feeling anxious all the time, regardless of where I was or what I was doing. The anxiety was later accompanied by panic attacks, which made me frightened to carry on with many of the things I used to enjoy, and I was gradually losing any sense of joy in my life. Being newly married, I felt I should be happier than ever, but instead I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with even the simplest day to day tasks.

The anxiety affected my sleep, and therefore my performance at work, so every area of my life seemed to be a struggle. I tried to carry on as normal in the hope that it was just a phase that would pass if I waited for long enough, but instead I continued to spiral downhill.

I began to suffer with severe headaches and pains in my stomach, so finally went to see a doctor. I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound, but when the results came back as ‘normal’ there was no further investigation as to the cause of my symptoms. In desperation, I talked to my husband about the possibility of going on anti-depressants for a while to get myself back on track. With a history of exam stress in my teens and anorexia in my early twenties, I’d had them prescribed to me a couple of times already, and been warned that I would likely need to go back on them periodically in the future if I started to struggle again in any way. My husband, however, felt that it would be better to get down to the root cause of my symptoms, rather than mask them with medication, so it was him who suggested I give Mickel Therapy a try. He had some prior knowledge of MT, as his sister had suffered with M.E. and seen excellent results working with Gill some years before. At first I was a little reluctant as I didn’t understand what MT was or whether it could be effective for anxiety. So I put it off for a few more weeks, until finally emailing Gill when I had reached rock bottom and felt that I had nothing to lose.

Gill was very understanding when I explained my predicament, and was hopeful that she could help me, so we arranged my first session for the following week. I felt nervous about going, but she put me at ease straight away, and her genuine and heartfelt belief in MT filled me with confidence that I could get better. I left my first session feeling hopeful, and finally understanding why my body was trying to get my attention with these unpleasant symptoms. It was a little overwhelming at first, as I was now aware of all the unhealthy behaviours that were so natural and ingrained in me, but Gill was very reassuring. She was even optimistic that if I followed her instructions, not only would it relieve my anxiety, but also improve my overall body confidence which was still suffering since my days of anorexia. I found it fascinating that so many different problems throughout my life could all be down to not dealing correctly with my emotions, so I was very keen to learn what MT had to teach me and try my best to put it into practice.

Gill gave me all the tools I needed in the first session, then we worked together to identify different strategies I could use to lessen or remove my physical symptoms. I noticed a big improvement after just a few sessions, which I think was my body heaving a sigh of relief that I was finally listening to it. Gill taught me that there were lots of small changes I could make that would add up and make a big difference to how I was feeling. These were often things that I would never have thought of myself, and I was frequently surprised by the difference even the tiniest change could make. I didn’t always find it easy though, and it was often a process of ‘trial and error’ to find actions that best suited me and my situation. I found that I went through various ups and downs, feeling great when I’d used the Mickel keys properly, but then I’d suffer again if I became complacent and stopped being so vigilant. So I had several sessions with Gill over the course of about 8 months, during which she guided and encouraged me through the process, and my symptoms gradually became fewer as my ‘emotional pot’ became emptier and my body started to trust me more.

It is now a year since my first session, and I truly feel that I am finally back to my old self again, except healthier because I now know how to deal with my emotions rather than trying to ignore or suppress them. I no longer feel anxious, the panic attacks have stopped completely, and I feel generally able to cope better. Gill was even right about it helping my body confidence issues, as I somehow feel more at ease within myself and comfortable in my own skin, which is a real novelty for me. I feel I have gained a better understanding of myself since doing MT and would even say that my relationship with food has become healthier and more ‘normal’ than it was even before the anorexia. Without doing MT, I can only imagine that I’d have continued on and off anti-depressants throughout my life, trying to mask whatever new symptoms my body was screaming at me, so I feel very grateful to have had this vicious cycle interrupted when I did. Gill is amazing at what she does, and I really feel indebted to her for all she has done to help me. She genuinely cares about her clients, and has a passion for MT that speaks volumes for its worth and importance.

Looking back now it is easy to see why I got ill, but it is definitely an ongoing process, and I know that I have to be vigilant and keep up doing what I’ve learned in order to stay well. For me, MT was not a ‘quick-fix’, and it wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth the effort. My only regret is that I continued to suffer for so many months before making an appointment. MT has helped me get my life back and I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering with anxiety or any of the other energy disorders.

S. S.


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