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A Clients Story -

I'm going biking & camping overnight on Saturday, something I haven't done for about 30 yrs ! "

I can't begin to describe how much you have helped me & changed my life!
Basically I was lying on the sofa one day and I was feeling extremely low and sorry for myself, missing the bikes & feeling I was drifting away from my biking friends.

I just lifted my phone & Googled Fibromyalgia and mountain biking and Anna Glowinski came up, I read her inspirational article and watched her youtube videos. She mentioned you in the article. I followed her on Instagram & decided to send her a private message, not expecting her to reply. She did immediately, gave me your name and details and promised me that you would get me well and oh how right she was !!!
I've gone on my motorbike lesson, something I'd always wanted to do but never had the courage to do so. Next Monday I'm doing the CBT part of the test, can't believe I'm even typing this,  started on a 125 & then last hour was riding a 600 ! So happy.
I'm continuing my notes and keys as I've come up on a few issues, turns out I've discs out in my neck and a rotator cuff tear which gym & bike is aggravating so had to stop for a period. Was immediately down about it but doing more walking in the forests & beach with dog & daughter which I'm loving! I'm able to deal with people differently, like the ex husband for example & as a result things are so much more relaxed.


I passed my CBT motorbike training day yesterday!! I can't even explain how I feel, it wasn't until I saw your txt that I realised that I don't even think about things, like before, I would've been thinking I couldn't do a full day of training without a rest. It doesn't even enter my head now !! & apparently I'm the best girl they've had in for years !!
I'm going biking & camping overnight on Saturday, something I haven't done for about 30 yrs!
I don't know how I'll ever thank you and I hope you realise just what a special person you are. When doing my notes I hear your accent in my head lol!


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