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Thank you again so much for all your help. If someone told me I would be where I am today at my first session I wouldn't have believed them, occasionaly when I stop and think about how far I've come in so little time it amazes me.



I contacted Gill after struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for several months. She explained why I was getting these symptoms and gave me all the tools I needed in the first session, then we worked together to identify different ways I could lessen or remove my physical symptoms. I noticed a big improvement after just a few sessions, but continued them over about 8 months while Gill guided and supported me through the process. She taught me that there were lots of small changes I could make that would add up and make a big difference to how I was feeling. It is now a year since my first session, and I can truly say that feel really well and am no longer suffering with anxiety symptoms. Gill is amazing at what she does, and I really feel indebted to her for all she has done to help me. MT was not a ‘quick-fix’ for me, and it wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth the effort. It has helped me get my life back, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering with anxiety or any of the other energy disorders.


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I came to see Gill for the first time after being ill for just over a year. I put what I was told into practice and began seeing improvements straight away. I am now 100% better and I can’t thank Gill enough. I went with an open mind as I had nothing to lose, I hoped it would help me but I didn’t expect anything really. All I can say is that I’m so glad I did, I may have ‘lost’ a year to CFS but I have the rest of my life to enjoy. I would recommend MT and Gill to anyone with CFS. Thank You Gill!!



You know, Its been a year since I first came to see you and I still haven't really come down from the novelty/reality of developing a better life than I even had before the whole 'ME' thing! I feel really fortunate - thanks so much (^_^)



I had a follow up appointment with the M.E support service on Friday and I have been placed on her 'inactive client' list, which is good. She was really pleased with my progress. I haven't seen her for months and she thought I looked like a new person. I explained it was all due to 'miracle therapy'
I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to this point. I couln't have got my life back without you.


Some lovely emails from an 18 year old recent client who suffered from ME for 4 years and attended 5 sessions.....


Hi! Sorry I have been so busy! I meant to message you when I got home but ended up working so much before Christmas and then more work after!
Trip was amazing thank you! I'm saving to go back again as it was so good! Only got tired really on the last day but i think that was due to the partying and travelling. I'm doing pretty well to be honest, keeping busy and working lots. Had a fantastic Christmas with all the family, just can't believe it's all over :(


Hi Gill, I am so sorry I never have time to check my emails and I’ve just seen your last 3!
I am doing very well thank you, still tired now and again but a normal tiredness! It's wonderful!
I am now working and am doing pretty well! I'm working on average 3 days a week and I can still go out. I go to the gym- when I have time and can be bothered!!!
It's definitely an on going process but it's made me think about life differently.
I hope you are helping more people just like me :) as I've booked my tickets to go away travelling for 2 months which I’d never have done!
I really am sorry at the lack of replies, but I am always so busy now :) which I can't complain about!


Travelling around Thailand and Laos for two months, 3 jobs and having a great time enjoying life! :) And that I advise anyone to give it ago, as what’s the worst that could happen? You could be well again! :) xxx


What Clients Say....

" I may have ‘lost’ a year to CFS but I have the rest of my life to enjoy."

"I shall be drinking a toast to you and Dr Mickel on New Years Eve! You have changed my life and I'm very grateful."

"I am pleased to say that I am feeling very well with lots of energy!"

"I feel everything is going extremely well. I've had no reoccurrence of symptoms since I last saw you."

"I have continued to recover and am now totally pain free and fatigue free."

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"I am 14 years old and suffered with CFS for over five years, it was ruining my life and I thought that I would have no future. I was very emotional and I would cry at the slightest thing. I was in constant pain and couldn't cope with seeing my friends so happy and well. All doctors ever told me to do was rest, I'd given up on getting better until I saw this. When I first went to mickel therapy my therapist helped me understand why I was ill and how it had happened. I soon began to realise that I could control it by making a few slight changes in my behaviour. She wrote everything I needed to do down and I noticed when I followed the instructions my symptoms would ease. With practise, it didnt take very long at all to realise where it had all gone wrong, but I knew that it wasn't my fault. I don't even have to think about it anymore, I just do it. I don't suffer with symptoms and am back to a really busy life. I feel much happier and all my friends and family can see the difference and say that I am much happier, much less emotional and have my confidence back. I finally feel my old self again. I would recommend mickel therapy to anybody suffering like I was, it really can change your life if you commit to it. I hate to think where I would have been now if I had have just carried on with endless hospital appointments"


I'm doing very well still and at last I'm having a Christmas I know I can cope with - easily. Stuff continues to come up of course, but I have such a different attitude now. I actually look forward to sorting things out, because I continue to discover new things about myself all the time. I see it as exciting, even though there are times when I feel I would like a nice long patch without any challenges at all! We'd all love to have that I guess!


Thank you for being such a caring and kind therapist - we worked well together I think. Now I'm discovering more and more who the real me is.


I shall be drinking a toast to you and Dr Mickel on New Years Eve! You have changed my life and I'm very grateful.



At last I feel like I am completely better. I am coping with the demands of family life much better now I have changed so much to fit me rather that the other way round! I am horse riding once a fortnight, rekindling a childhood passion and am also playing (in a) Band –requiring lots of energy!



I am fine! Still keeping everything up. Still seems strange not being ill anymore. Do have some news though! I found out I'm expecting just before Xmas I'm now just over 4 months.



I have continued to recover and am now totally pain free and fatigue free. I have said goodbye to 2 co-proxamol every four hours, every day of the week, month and year

(my poor liver) in fact no pain killers at all. I can now have that occasional glass of wine with my husband in the evening , simple things like having the energy to dance with the children around the living room!!!!



I am doing very well and I am not needing any rests during the day. It's nice having all this extra time!! The last week has been really busy getting all the christmas cards and parcels sorted.

I have been going on train rides and my cousin has invited me to go up to see her at uni. She is going to take me to a pub to be a student for a night!! I'm nervous and excited about it!!




After my very first appointment I felt far more positive than I had in a very long time. Almost immediately I was able to address an issue that was affecting me, and the severity of my symptoms started to decrease within a few days. I kept a journal and this directed me to a root cause, and enabled me and the therapist to realise what the "symptom message" is. This is the key to the therapy. From then on as I applied the principles, the symptoms continued decreasing and what amazed me most is that it wasn't long before the severe joint and muscle pain I had been experiencing ceased completely. For me this was incredible! I personally decided to stop taking any medications and nutritional supplements prior to starting the treatment so that I could be certain that any improvement I might experience would be directly due to the therapy and couldn't be attributed to anything else.


I feel everything is going extremely well. I've had no reoccurrence of symptoms since I last saw you, so altogether I've been clear for four weeks now. It's brilliant!


Although a few months have passed since my recovery I am still very passionate about Mickel Therapy, the way it works and it's success. Therefore, it's a pleasure to tell others my experience and answer any questions they have with regard to it.




I'm so sorry I haven't written sooner - I seem to be so busy I don't come on the computer that much anymore.



Just to let you know that we had visitors at the weekend and on Saturday we walked all round Orfordness which we think was 5 miles. I was knackered but SO pleased with myself. A night with the necessary essential oil potion on the muscles and I was raring to go again on Sunday, although not quite so far!! My friends think you are a Mickel Miracle Woman - so do I.




I am pleased to say that I am feeling very well with lots of energy! I have stopped taking the amitriptylene now. I do still get the odd symptom but can usually shift it using MT.



We have just been on hols to Corfu and i had a brilliant time, I have also been ok at school and have played in a footie tournament and won a trophy so I may sign on a team soon, I have caught up on all my schoolwork too. Thank you for everything



I am very well thankyou. In fact I have never felt better. I have the energy to keep going, even after a hard day at work. I've lost 6Ib in 3 weeks and have taken up walking.